With Over 70 Years of Printing Experience, We Are Producing Clamshell Inserts and Custom Packaging That You Can Depend On.

Our clamshell inserts are made made by skilled US craftsman 
who are experienced in the package printing trade. 

clamshell insert manufacturing

who we are?

The Clamshell Inserts team strives to provide our customer with excellent customer service and competitive pricing on every order. With our rich history and extensive capabilities, we can serve your needs from product inception to mass production.

Our Mission

To provide economical packaging solutions and help our clients grow by helping them navigate the waters of product packaging.

Economical Options

Our clamshell insert printing and design are available at some of the best prices on the web

Sustainable Materials

All of our materials are 100% recyclable and are purchased from reputable paper mills

Made in the USA

Both the material and manufacturing is 100% US based

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